Article written by Richard Drake

While enjoying your stay at Mt Baker Bibleway Camp don't stop your fitness routine or, perhaps you may want to take the opportunity to start one. Since walking a is low impact exercise there are several circuits around the camp that will make a walking routine easy to keep; from an easy walk, to a physical stress tester, these circuits are the real life version of your hill climber or variable degree treadmill machines at home or the gym.

You can start a circuit at any point along it's way however for simple reference we will give some easy locations to refer to. You also can feel free to make your own circuits depending on your own physical ability and personal fitness goals.

Simple walking circuit through the RV park: At the Dining hall deck, starting at the stairs closest to the kitchen head directly South towards Mt Baker Hwy and follow the RV parking road to the East following it's simple downhill grade to the Main Entrance gate of the camp.

At the Gate Entrance loop back North and then West onto the main road walking the simple uphill grade back to your starting point and you have completed an easy 1/8th of a mile. Moderate walking circuit looping through upper and lower camp areas:.

Warm up: Starting in the upper portion of the camp, at the hydro pole with the pole light between Olson Cabin and the 'Staff House', you walk South on a slight downhill slope to the to the right corner of the parking area of the Schmidt Lodge and there is the entrance to the steep trail that leads to the Chapel parking lot.

Workout: Once at the base of the trail follow the fence line towards the main camp office (from here you are walking on a slight up hill and will remain on varying degrees of uphill for the workout). Taking a right onto the asphalt sidewalk by the office, follow that pathway West towards the dining hall. Stay to the right of the dining hall and continue right, onto the road now heading North to the upper portion of the camp again. The roadway grade gets steeper here and intensifies your energy output so keep up your pace.

At the last telephone pole on the straight away the road forks Right (uphill) or Left (into the gravel parking lot or hiking trail entrance): for now we want to keep right and head up the steep hill. As you head up the hill the road forks again and this time we must stay Left! The gradient lessens and as you swing East past the maintenance shops you will be at the Mackenzie lodge where the road will level out and start a slight downhill grade again.

Cool down: as you walk past lumber shed, the road to the firewood woodshed and the road past the 'staff house' you continue East on this 'level to downhill' easy slope to a third road that forks to the right. Turn here and follow this road between the Green Chapel and the Dove Cabin back to your original starting point and you will have completed exactly a 1/2 a mile - just do as many laps as you want to complete your routine.

Advanced workout addition: For a hard workout variation lets go back to the road that heads to the upper area of the camp at the turn off to gravel parking lot and hiking trail. Should you set out on this much more strenuous route the distance is as follows:

From the pole on the main road to the picnic tables at the Wilderness camp (Right fork in the trail) is approximately 1/3 of a mile one way (hiking to the 'lookout' is only a couple of hundred feet further in distance if the Left fork is selected). Hiking back to the fork in the trail and then up to the 'lookout' (Left Fork in the trail) adds just under a 1/4 mile and then back down to the telephone pole on the road where you started makes the round trip approximately 9/10th of a mile total.

This variation to your walking routine will work many different muscle groups than would ordinarily be used if you walked on a flat stretch of sidewalk or a simple treadmill.

It should be noted however that the wilderness trail surface can have tricky footing depending on weather conditions and there is no water available, the appropriate caution and carrying adequate fluid should be exercised as well.

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