Recreational Video

My goal and purpose of this video is to give viewers and visitors at Mt Baker Camp an idea of what the surrounding areas look like, and suggested trips you can make to some awesome touristy hotspots while staying at Mt Baker Camp.

I believe this video represents some, "not all" of the most beautiful areas in the Pacific Northwest, in the Cascade Foothills of the Evergreen State of Washington. I personally love being out in nature so this was a perfect opportunity for me to be a part of. Thanks to some great friends that went along for the ride and adventure. A great crew and great camera man were a big plus!
Nooksack Falls are beautiful! You will definitely love seeing them up close! As you drive higher up towards Mt Shuksan on Mt Baker Highway, you began to feel as if you are in a totally different place! Seeing snow in the summer time may seem unusual to some people. It's normal for here, and yes, it sure is a beautiful scenery. The drive out to Heather Meadows is breath taking! On a clear day you can get an awesome view of Mt Shuksan. There are also some awesome trails you can walk on as well as you captivate yourself into the beauty of God's creation. I recommend you take a drive to all these areas and take the time to relax and enjoy your visit! Explore around and most of all have a great adventure! Be sure and take lot's of pictures and a video camera to capture the moments and bring the memories home for you to cherish forever. Most of all I trust you will enjoy your stay at Mt Baker Camp!

Article written by Joshua Romero, Advertising Design
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