Across America this year literally thousands of parents will send their children and young adults to a Christian Camp. For many this is becoming more of a decision, perhaps than in years past. Simply put, our economic pressures are being felt in every aspect of the American Family. To some, Camp is merely a ‘want’ on the family budget. To those who know or have personally been to a Christian Camp as a youth, it is a life-long deposit of character building, experience rich and a new walk with Jesus Christ that is absolutely priceless.

You personally can be a part of contributing to youth of this generation.

Christian camps like MBBC need a few key things in order to thrive as a support for ministry today.

  • They need a staff who are committed to the vision of the camp.
  • They need leaders who will take the challenge of conducting retreats.
  • They need a place that provides a unique setting for ministry.
  • They need the financial support of donors like yourself.

Why do Christian camps need financial aid and support?

The fact is, Christian camps simply can’t and won’t charge the youth of today what it costs to continue expanding and growing. We as a camp need special people, gifted by God to be a conduit of resources in order to continue to be a positive stepping stone for campers of tomorrow. Thousands of hours are logged by volunteers each year to help fortify this camp for the future, it also takes financial support. Join with us as we strive to make a place where individual lives are affected for a lifetime and our homes, community and country are also benefitted.

If you would like to give general donation or donate specifically to improving our facilities or help sponsor a particular part of the camp, please select the appropriate button below.

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